Techie 👕 Embroidered text T-shirt

Techie 👕 Embroidered text T-shirt

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Are you a techie? Let me tell you a few words about you, may I? Promise, it's going to be a bunch of compliments - I'm also a techie.

So, the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate is probable a joke to you, right? Stupid User-Zombie invasion annoys you? You've built a tricked out computer? You live sort of secret life? You know Samsung Galaxy vs. Apple iPhone is no contest?

That's about you, buddy - you're a techie. Admit it, buy the T-shirt and wear it proudly, you'll love the feeling.

This quality T-shirt with an embroidered (not printed!) text is very lively and eye-catching. It differs from a regular printed label in its quality, durability and its trendy and expensive appearance.

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100% cotton. Machine wash 40˚C / 100 ˚F.

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