California is the real thing 👕 Embroidered text T-shirt

California is the real thing 👕 Embroidered text T-shirt

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Think about it: what's real? Real is something that makes you feel good, which involves your talents, attitude, supports your way of life, makes you free. Real things are fun, they always bring joy to your life.

What place comes to your mind if you think of fun, joy? Can that be a beautiful place near the ocean, with the warm and pleasant weather, with beautiful beaches, lots of attractions? Is that the place where you feel good and you love being there? 

That's California, my friend - California is the real thing.

Get this T-shirt with the embroidered text and tell everyone around: you know what is real. 

The quality T-shirt with an embroidered text is very lively and eye-catching. It differs from a regular printed label in its quality, durability and its trendy and expensive appearance.


100% cotton. Machine wash 40˚C / 100 ˚F.

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