Train hard, win easy 👕 Embroidered text T-shirt

Train hard, win easy 👕 Embroidered text T-shirt

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You know this formula: the harder you train, the easier you win. But win whom? If you're not into professional sports, you're not even going to compete anyone, so why is this formula good for you?

The matter is that even you're not going to compete other people, you are going to compete your toughest opponent - yourself. You're on your way to win your weakness, buddy, and you will be proud of the results.

Order this T-shirt with the text "Train hard, win easy". There's nothing more helpful to keep you well on the track than putting your motto on your T-shirt.

The quality T-shirt with an embroidered text is very lively and eye-catching. It differs from a regular printed label in its quality, durability and its trendy and expensive appearance.


100% cotton. Machine wash 40˚C / 100 ˚F.

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