Vertigo effect 👕 Embroidered text T-shirt

Vertigo effect 👕 Embroidered text T-shirt

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Vertigo effect is something you experience in your life, even if not exactly the way strike jet pilots do.

As a strike jet pilot flies in a darkness, sometimes their senses start playing tricks on them and the whole world seems to be strange und full of unknown. In such situations the pilots have to trust their feelings but not their eyes or ears - otherwise they might even crash the jet.

Ever felt you need to do something even if your environment tells you - "Don't do it, you'll fail"? You do it and then discover: actually you'd fail if you didn't?

This T-shirt will express it for you.

The text is embroidered with sewing threads (not printed) and will survive many washes.


100% cotton. Machine wash 40˚C / 100 ˚F

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